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Young Teacher

Educational Director (Superintendent)

Job Purpose

Education directors, also known as instructional coordinators, direct and shape the curricula and teaching processes in a school or school district. Another key role of an education director is providing advice to teachers, school administrators and support staff. They provide training in the use of educational materials and techniques. Education directors advise educators on how to comply with local, state and national standards, as well as work closely with school boards to apply the board's rules and regulations.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluates the education programs prepared by the teaching staff and suggest improvisations in them.

  • Assess the teaching methods used by the teachers and ensure that the methods are interesting enough to engross the students during the classroom sessions.

  • Conducts research to look for newer ways to make teaching interesting and exciting.

  • Monitors the performance of the students studying in different grades and may question the teachers about low performers.

  • Advises the teachers on improving the grades of the low performers by using different means.

  • Ensures that the students, as well as the teaching staff members, maintain decorum in the school.

  • Required to evaluate the performance of the teachers and provide them feedback on the same.

  • Sets budget for the school events after consulting with the teachers and taking their inputs on the estimated expenditure involved in organizing the event.



  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Fluent English Literacy

  • Board Certification in Education, Teaching, or Training

  • 4 Years of Early Childhood Experience

Working Conditions

  • Possesses knowledge of proper childcare techniques and early childhood development theory.

  • Is capable of applying childhood development theory to everyday activities and curricula.

  • Possesses strong listening skills.

  • Exhibits strong leadership skills.

  • Is able to think and act quickly in a crisis.


- Attractive Salaries

- Luxury Accommodation

- Free Medical Coverage

- Free Meal Plan

Reallocation Compensation

- Flight Tickets

- Residency Fees

- Legal Expenses