Elementary Classroom


Job Purpose

Responsible for delivering the curriculum using high-level teaching, assessment and behaviour strategies in a stimulating and safe learning environment to ensure all children can access learning.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish classroom routine.

  • Ensure that the materials needed are ready and prepared for lesson plans.

  • Update classroom decorations/ displays appropriately.

  • Maintain classroom control through varied positive discipline techniques.

  • Set clear and positive limits and instructions to the students.

  • Deliver reports on potential concerns about students in a timely manner.

  • Assist the students with their concerns in the classroom.

  • Promote positive behaviour in and outside the classroom, and monitor the safety of the students at all times.

  • Promote open and good communication between TA, SA, co-teachers, admin staff and management.

  • Demonstrate the ability to make use of constructive suggestions from a Supervisor.

  • Collaborate with other teachers/ superiors regarding curriculum, activities and events accordingly.

  • Develop and maintain a constructive and ongoing rapport with the parents and colleagues.

  • Supervise TA and SA efficiently by giving them clear instructions with high regard on the health and safety of the students.

  • Utilize the ability of the TA in supporting students requiring support.

  • Promote teamwork.

  • Understand and implement operating policies and program goals and relates them positively to Parents and visitors.

  •  Attend all meetings and functions.

  • Create activities that are fun and educational for students.

  • Update weekly tracker on the system.

  • Submit lesson plans on time.

  • Prepare teaching materials depending on the needs of the children.

  • Manage day-to-day classroom activities, including structured lessons, free play, bathroom breaks, lunchtime and rest time for students.


  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Patience, Compassion, Organization, Communication.

  • Fluent English Literacy

  • Board Certification in Education, Teaching, or Training

  • 2 Years of Early Childhood Experience

Working Conditions

  • Possesses knowledge of proper childcare techniques and early childhood development theory.

  • Is capable of applying childhood development theory to everyday activities and curricula.

  • Possesses strong listening skills.

  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with young children.

  • Exhibits strong leadership skills.

  • Is able to think and act quickly in a crisis.

  • Possesses knowledge of basic first aid and emergency procedures. 

Physical Requirements

Possesses physical and mental stamina required to oversee large numbers of young children on a daily basis.


- Attractive Salaries

- Luxury Accommodation

- Free Medical Coverage

- Free Meal Plan

Reallocation Compensation

- Flight Tickets

- Residency Fees

- Legal Expenses